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Cushion Comb Pro™ 2.0

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Tight White
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Ruby Red
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New & Improved Cushion Comb Pro™ 2.0 is here!
Easily remove unwanted hair from your brush with a simple push of a button with Cushion Comb Pro™ one-button cleaning.

Easy To Use
Say Goodbye to unwanted hair and dandruff on your hair brush. The Cushion Comb Pro™ simply and easily disposes leftover hair straight into the bin and not your sink or shower, so hair will no longer block your drainage system.

Less Hair Break-Off
Inspired by Professional hair stylists, The Cushion Comb Pro™ daily hair maintenance works ideally on all hair types, even extensions! Use on wet or dry hair with less hair break-off than your standard brush.

Quality Design & Production
The easy-grip handle ensures it will never slip out of your hand while brushing. Durable, soft, long bristles massage the scalp, increase blood circulation, and help stimulate healthy hair growth, to help you look and feel your best. 

No Pull, No Hook Brushing
The revolutionary technology behind The Cushion Comb Pro™ comes equipped with a soft cushion base and wide comb teeth which will not hook or pull when combing or styling your hair. Brush your hair with strong and durable massaging bristles, help decrease ionic static and eliminate frizz.

A Unique Gift
Looking for the perfect gift, The Cushion Comb Pro™ is great for all the women in your life. They will all love this brush!



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Pink + Black




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