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Mini Retro Camera

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The Mini Retro Camera Experience.

Life is short. Capturing unforgettable memories vintage style, videos and pictures have never felt so nostaligic and personal. Embrace and Experience the nostalgia and unique character of a different era...

Capturing the lives of 4,400+ people.

So many others are using it and feel more inclined to explore and live their lives to the fullest, so why not do the same? And what better way to capture your adventures in a way everyone is completely in love with right now.

How does it work.

It's simple. Start recording or taking photos by pressing the shutter button. Your memories will be kept in storage for you to share the world or hold dear to yourself for you to reminisce. Thats it!

What's Inside?

Free 32gb TF card
USB adapter (insert TF card)
Charging cable
Attachable handle lanyard
Mini Retro Camera