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Portable Mini Sealer

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  • Unique Design - Portable Mini Heat Sealing Machine used to seal daily plastic bags, such as snack bags. The magnet on the base can be adsorbed on the metal surface. 
  • Compact&Light Weight - Perfect kitchen gadget that fits anywhere. Ortake it with you on picnics or when you travel.
  • Durable Material - High-quality material gives you a high-quality life.Optimal material protect heaith of the whole family.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: White
  • Size: 3.90*1.54*1.54in


  • The machine won't generate heat by itself after being installed brand new batteries. Press it for 3-5 seconds so that heat will come up gradually.
  • Please use brand new batteries. Don't mix up the polarity of the batteries. Make sure the batteries are properly installed. Otherwise, the machine is not able to generate heat.
  • Long press the machine for 3 to 5 seconds after the batteries are properly installed. Then the machine will start generating heat.
  • For a thick plastic bag, please move it slowly between the machine to let the heat spread evenly for a better sealing performance.
  • No need to remove the batteries. After use, simply move the hook between the machine to block contacts of the two metal parts.
  • Tips: please don't press the machine too hard. Otherwise, the heating metals may become deformed and broken. The plastic bag for sealing needs to be clean without oil or water.


  • 1*Portable Mini Sealer